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Supporting people with communication support needs in the justice system

Delivery: Online
Duration: 2 1/2 day workshops
Audience: Professionals
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Supporting someone accused of a crime, or at risk of offending, is complex and challenging. Be confident in your role in engaging with justice professionals and helping the people you support have fair access to justice.
People like us who commit a crime should still get help to understand the procedures we go through.

About This Course

People with learning disabilities, autistic people, people with foetal alcohol syndrome or other communication support needs are over-represented and hugely disadvantaged in the justice system.   

With this training, you will be better placed to make a real difference, providing crucial community-based support to avoid offending.  You will know better how to interact and work with justice agencies like the Police and Criminal Justice Social Work. 

This training is informed by people with lived experience and delivered by SOLD, Scotland’s experts in improving access to justice for people with communication support needs.   

The course addresses this complex and challenging subject through small group activities, discussions, quizzes and films made by people with lived experience of the justice system. 


£125 per person


Who is it for?


For everyone that provides support or advocacy to: 

  •  people with learning disabilities 
  •  autistic people 
  •  people with foetal alcohol syndrome  
  •  people with other communication support needs who are at risk of offending.

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Our Trainers

Tony Bowman 

ARC Scotland Policy and Development Worker (SOLD). 

Tony has worked for the SOLD Network since 2016, striving to combat the disadvantages experienced by people with learning disabilities, autism and other communication support needs who are conflict with the law.  

He believes passionately in lived experience and empowering the voice of marginalised and powerless people.

A short profile can be found at this link:

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the challenges people with communication support needs face in the justice system 
  • Understand the importance of fair and equal access to justice, the underlying causes of offending and approaches to prevention 
  • Know how the justice system works and how you can interact with and help the Police and other justice agencies 
  • Have confidence in your role if someone you support is accused of an offence.