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Training - Positive Risk Taking

We specialise in and are widely known for working with providers of services as opposed to simply selling training. We pay particular attention to identified needs and requirements and whilst some of our courses and programmes can be bought “off the shelf” most of our training is designed to be adapted to meet specific organisational or workrole requirements.

Positive Risk Taking

one day taught course

This training explores what is meant by positive risk-taking, looking at how positive risk-taking can encourage, enable and empower individuals with disabilities to live their lives as they choose.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners will have gained knowledge and understanding of …

  • The importance of risk-taking in everyday life for individuals with disabilities
  • Individuals with disabilities having the same rights as everyone else to take risks
  • How to support individuals with disabilities to take decisions about risk-taking
  • The importance of a positive, person centred approach to risk assessment
  • The legal and policy framework underpinning an individual with a disability’s right to make decisions
  • How to support individuals with disabilities to manage identified risk
  • The importance of considering with an individual with disabilities the risks associated with the choices they make
  • The importance of a partnership approach to risk-taking.