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Training - Lone Working and Personal Safety

We specialise in and are widely known for working with providers of services as opposed to simply selling training. We pay particular attention to identified needs and requirements and whilst some of our courses and programmes can be bought “off the shelf” most of our training is designed to be adapted to meet specific organisational or workrole requirements.

Lone Working and Personal Safety

one day taught course

Everyone hopes that lone workers will be safe and usually they are. However accidents and incidents do happen from time to time and the results can be devastating for workers and organisations as well as the families and friends of those affected.

On the relatively rare occasions when disaster does strike a very common feature is the lack of basic understanding and procedures that would have prevented the tragedy. Workers and organisations either don’t know how to keep safe or their procedures simply aren’t followed. In particular many workers seem to be confused about risk itself, what it is and what to do about it. Only by thinking clearly about risks and hazards can we hope to make a genuine difference.

This course examines the principles of risk assessment and risk management designed to reduce both the likelihood of incidents and their severity if and when they do occur. Using simple language, case examples, quizzes and group exercises as well as limited traditional ‘teaching’ techniques the concept is explored and demystified into a practical and uncomplicated model.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners should …

  • Understand workers’ and organisations’ rights and responsibilities under the law (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974)
  • Understand why there is an organisational policy on lone working
  • Understand roles and responsibilities
  • Understand what we mean by risk
  • Understand what the Health & Safety Executive says about risk management