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Training - Introduction to Autism

We specialise in and are widely known for working with providers of services as opposed to simply selling training. We pay particular attention to identified needs and requirements and whilst some of our courses and programmes can be bought “off the shelf” most of our training is designed to be adapted to meet specific organisational or workrole requirements.

Introduction to Autism

1/2 day taught course

The Introduction to Autism workshop is relevant to children and adults.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what the characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder are and how the impact of these are individualised.
  • To understand the differences in presentation between Asperger Syndrome and autism.
  • To understand the differences in presentation between females and males on the spectrum.
  • To understand the impact of sensory integration on the individual.
  • To gain knowledge of assessment tools to understand WHY a behaviour/communication occurs.
  • To gain knowledge around the different types of interventions that can be put in place.
  • To understand what a positive outcome for someone with an autism spectrum disorder is.