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Introduction to Adults with Incapacity

Delivery: Online or In-Person
Duration: 1/2 day workshop
Audience: Professionals
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Learn the importance of supporting people who may lack capacity to make some or all decisions for themselves.

About This Course

Adults with Incapacity can often be misunderstood and it is essential that support staff fully understand and apply the legislation in relation to roles & responsibilities.

This half day course will introduce you to the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000.

It will help you to consider capacity and the relevance of the Act to the people you support.


£65 per person

Who is it for?


For support practitioners who are required to support people who may have difficulty in making decisions or  choices about their care or support.

Our Trainers

Dawn Newlands has over 22 years of delivering training within the Health & Social Care sector.

She has worked with children & young people and adults with additional support needs both as a practitioner and senior manager.

Her style, knowledge and delivery of training is both supportive and thought provoking.

She believes strongly on the importance of quality assurance and getting the best out of people.


Derek Parker has worked in the Social Care Sector since 1986 and has a wealth of experience of supporting people with complex needs within the voluntary, statutory, health and private sector.

He is passionate about collaborative partnership working and supporting people to have a say in all decisions that affect their lives.

His approach in learning and development enables people to increase knowledge and practice within the work role.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved understanding of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2001
  • Consider the main Principles of the Adults with Incapacity
  • Reflect on the Acts relevance to the people you support.
  • Reflect on your role and responsibilities.