Line drawing of people involved in specialist social training

Training - Group Dynamics and Team Building

We specialise in and are widely known for working with providers of services as opposed to simply selling training. We pay particular attention to identified needs and requirements and whilst some of our courses and programmes can be bought “off the shelf” most of our training is designed to be adapted to meet specific organisational or workrole requirements.

Group Dynamics and Team Building

one day taught course

This is a participative and exploratory course aimed at developing team cohesiveness and identifying strengths within a team. We use various theories and models to illustrate team and individual behaviours and explore approaches to managing conflict, managing change and promoting success.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, learners should …

  • Understand what is a team
  • Understand what a team needs to do in order to function effectively
  • Understand the team’s role in developing and maintaining the organisational culture
  • Understand motivational theory and techniques
  • Understand how to support team decision making
  • Understand positions of power, influence and authority within a team
  • Understand stress in the workplace and how this affects team performance
  • Understand the impact of change on a team and how to manage change successfully