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Disability, Equality and Intersectionality training

Delivery: In-Person
Duration: one day
Audience: Professionals
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Super charge your inclusive customer-facing skills, learn from lived-experience trainers and leave feeling a confident ally!

About This Course

Two-thirds of Brits say they feel awkward around disabled people, with some avoiding them altogether.

Disabled people make up around 1 in 5 of the British population, that’s a lot of avoidable discomfort!

This full-day training will put a stop to that.

Co-delivered by young adults with lived experience, you will be immersed in a genuine and authentic learning experience like no other.

We will explore stereotypes, hear powerful stories, and super charge your customer-facing skills.

Not only you’ll have a better understanding of the Equality Act 2010, but you’ll leave feeling a confident ally!



Who is it for?


This course is for everyone with a customer-facing role in a wide range of sectors including retails, hospitality and healthcare.

Our Trainers

Gloria Greganti

I have over 10 years of experience working in social care and participation, with a focus on human rights. I work on the National Involvement Network (NIN) and support organisations to make the Charter for Involvement real.


Scott Richardson-Read

I work on the Scottish Transitions Forum primarily working with a group of young people called the Divergent Influencers ensuring disabled and autistic voices are heard when it comes to transition.


Rameez Haq

I am studying a degree in Biomedical Science at Napier and I have autism. I have a particular interest in human rights and inclusion. I have done drama, theatre, and filmmaking sessions with Media Education. I am part of the Divergent Influencers, ARC Scotland’s Young Leaders Project.


Claire D’All

Since my early teen years, I have had to speak up for what support I require to live my life to the fullest. I’m very passionate about spreading awareness for physical disabilities through my blog A Journey In My Wheels and I write reviews for the website Euan’s Guide. I am part of the Divergent Influencers, ARC Scotland’s Young Leaders Project.


Laura Glennie

I am an innately curious person, determined to challenge the status quo and strive for positive change. I am part of the Divergent Influencers, ARC Scotland’s Young Leaders Project and through this work I have been talking with BBC Scotland and other Media outlets about representation of young people with additional support needs.


Ciara McCarthy

I have profound hearing loss with bilateral cochlear implants, cerebral palsy, and autism. I use my experiences to advocate for disabled children and young people. There is a lack of disability education, which results in disabled people enduring bullying and I want to challenge this. I am part of the Divergent Influencers, ARC Scotland’s Young Leaders Project.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the needs of neurodivergent people and people with learning disabilities and confidently communicate with them.

Apply the Equality Act 2010 and your legal duty to reasonable adjustment.

Recognise the intersectionality of protected characteristics and how it impacts on person led voice, empowerment, centralising marginalised people.

Understand social justice concepts – privilege discrimination, self-advocacy and allyship.

Take away practical actions to create more inclusive workplaces and communities.