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Child Safeguarding in Practice

Delivery: Online
Duration: one day
Audience: Professionals
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Learn what is expected of you as a worker in a social care setting if you suspect that harm has taken place, is taking place or that a child is at risk of danger or harm.
Extremely engaging and easily one of the best training sessions I’ve attended

About This Course

This course will provide you with the essential information on Child Safeguarding in Practice and relevant associated legislation relating to child protection.

You will understand your role and responsibility and what is expected of you should a child or young person require safeguarding.



Who is it for?


For all workers in the social care sector providing support to children and young people

Our Trainers

Star Weymark is a CIPD qualified trainer and First Aid for Mental Health Educator with over 10 years of previous hands-on experience working in various roles within the care sector.

Having gained a bachelor’s degree in counselling through Glasgow Caledonian University, along with post graduate CPD in homelessness and inclusion through the University of Edinburgh, her specific skills relate to child and adult safeguarding and mental health

Her unique, inclusive, and interesting sessions are designed to increase confidence and equip workers with the skills needed to cope with modern challenges in the third sector.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved awareness and understanding of children and young people who may be at risk of harm and abuse.
  • Recognise and understand your role and responsibilities for keeping children and young people safe.
  • Know how to respond appropriately to concerns regarding safeguarding issues.
  • Understand how legislation influences policy and practice.