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Training - Autism – Adolescence the Theory Workshop

We specialise in and are widely known for working with providers of services as opposed to simply selling training. We pay particular attention to identified needs and requirements and whilst some of our courses and programmes can be bought “off the shelf” most of our training is designed to be adapted to meet specific organisational or workrole requirements.

Autism – Adolescence the Theory Workshop

1/2 day taught course

The Adolescence workshops are more relevant to those working within children’s services but may also be of interest to everyone.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the impact of autism on the changing social demands during adolescence and how this presents in individuals with autism.
  • To learn how autism affects an individual’s understanding of puberty including the physical changes that accompany this.
  • To understand the role of communication/sensory sensitivities in coping with and managing puberty.