Candidate and Assessor Support Materials

ARC Scotland Assessment Centre Policies and Procedures

These are accessible to all candidates and a hard copy is provided in every portfolio. These are also preloaded onto e-portfolio’s. These inform candidates about what to expect from us and what we expect in return, such as how appeals and complaints are dealt with, how we protect confidentiality and share information, and what action is taken in various situations.

Information and guidance on the assessment process

These documents explain the processes involved, who does what and how assessment takes place.

Blank documentation and templates

These templates and forms are used in candidate portfolios. All portfolios are issued with blank examples but additional copies can be downloaded at any time if necessary.

This is particularly helpful for those candidates who prefer to save all their evidence electronically and email work to their assessor between visits.

If you are using an e-portfolio, it is not necessary to use the evidence gathering template. You can use an ordinary word document for typing reflecting accounts and for describing a product you want to upload. Your assessor will explain this.

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