Charter film

Charter film

The National Involvement Network (NIN) wrote the Charter to improve the involvement of people who get support in the things that matter in their lives.

The Charter for Involvement has 12 Statements which describe how people want to be more involved:

  • in the services they get
  • in the organisations that provide their services, and
  • in the wider community.
Young person talks about future

The NIN and the future

NIN members talk about their hopes for the future of the Charter and the NIN.

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What NIN means

What NIN means

NIN members describe what it means to them to be part of the NIN meetings.

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woman explaining talking mats

Talking Mats Stories (clips)

Extracts from a longer NIN film where NIN members talk about using a Talking Mat to help people make changes to their support

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anyone can be a superhero

Anyone can be a superhero

Explores a young man’s experience of leaving school and moving into college.

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Talking mats stories

Talking Mats Stories

How Talking Mats and peer advocacy improve the lives of supported people and help them identify changes they want to make.

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Still from Involvement in Action video

Involvement in Action

NIN members describe their experience of using a new Talking Mat to help more people use the Charter for Involvement.

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Hear our voice conference

Hear Our Voice Conference

The Hear our Voice Conference was planned and led by NIN members and held to celebrate NIN's 10th anniversary

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Woman looks at colleague


4 NIN members explain what being independent means to them.

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Lynette talks with colleague

Lynnette speaking up

Lynnette explains what it’s like having her voice heard.

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Brian involved in the community

Brian Robertson talks about how he got involved in his community and what he thinks about it.

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Hear our voice

Hear our Voice

Members of the National Involvement Network (NIN) talk about what NIN means to them

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Micheal talking with co-workers

Michael involved in an organisation

Michael describes how he helps to make decisions in an organisation and how it makes him feel.

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Improving Support

Improving support for the accused person with a learning disability in police custody

Allan Speirs gives his experience of being a man with learning disabilities in a police interview.

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