‘We’re all in this together’ Supplementary learning paper 1: Recruitment

The first in a series of short papers where we examine themes emerging from our report  ‘We’re all in this together- The impact of Covid 19 on the future of social care’ (PDF) – a view from the workforce.

Recruiting staff has historically been a major challenge for most social care organisations. Surprisingly, during the early stages of the 2020 lockdown period many social care providers reported improvements in their ability to appoint new staff. However at time of writing (November 2020) social care providers are once again experiencing challenges in filling staff vacancies. This short paper explores the factors that led to improvements in recruitment over the pandemic; the challenges experienced by providers and potential solutions as identified by the provider workforce. We conclude with an offer of recommendations for change to be adopted within:

• Social care provider organisations • Local authority areas • National bodies

To view the paper click here – Recruitment Paper Dec 2020