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Supporting Offenders with Learning Disabilities Through the Criminal Justice System

The justice system is complex and confusing to most of us. Without support, people with learning disabilities and autism, and other communication support needs, are at especially increased risk of being both unfairly disadvantaged in the justice system, and of coming into conflict with the Law.

This one-day training session is intended to increase our understanding of the vital contribution the 3rd sector can make to helping support fairer and more equal access to justice, and create communities that are safer for all of us.

At the end of this course learners will have:

  • An insight into the challenges people with LD and ASD face in the justice system and the importance of fair and equal access to justice
  • An understanding of underlying causes of offending
  • An overview of the processes within the Justice System
  • The role of supporting people through the criminal process
  • How to avoid and prevent offending behaviour

The course will be facilitated by means of Webinar or similar social media platform. It will be essential that you have a laptop with a camera and audio.


Date of this course will be Tuesday 19th January 2020

9.45am to 4.00pm

The cost to attend this course is £95 per person.

Should you wish to book a place please contact

Muriel McLeod on 0131 663 4444 or

email [email protected]