NIN membership is now open, and for the first time people with support needs across Scotland can sign up to become a member!

The NIN is a network of people who believe that everyone should have their voice heard and be involved in the decisions that affect their lives. By joining the NIN you’re joining others who share this belief.

As a NIN member you’ll get regular info on NIN meetings and issues that might interest you, and you’ll hear about ways to get involved and have your voice heard. You’ll meet new people, and get a chance to share your experiences and learn from each other. You’ll be able to take part in voting on NIN decisions. Most importantly, you can share what’s important to you and influence change.

NIN members will receive a welcome pack in the post, with a membership card and unique membership number, along with lots of other goodies like a pen, wristband and keyring.

We’d love to welcome you to the NIN – get involved!

Click here to sign up:

If you’d like a paper copy of the form, just email us on: [email protected] or call Diane on: 07498 470223