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Introduction to Autism – 17th September 2019


Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand what the characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder are and how the    impact of these are individualised.
  • To understand the differences in presentation between Asperger Syndrome and autism.
  • To understand the differences in presentation between females and males on the spectrum.

To understand the impact of sensory integration on the individual.

  • To gain knowledge of assessment tools to understand WHY a behaviour/communication occurs.
  • To gain knowledge around the different types of interventions that can be put in place.
  • To understand what a positive outcome for someone with an autism spectrum disorder is.


This course will look at the main characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder and the differences in their presentation in Asperger’s Syndrome and autism, females and males.


We will discuss the impact of sensory integration difficulties and how these must be incorporated into any plan of support for an individual.


As the supportive strategies identified have to be highly individualised for them to have the most impact we will look at the importance of assessment across learning and across environments. We will discuss different formats and methods of assessment and de-escalation strategies.


We will discuss tools that can be used to identify triggers for a variety of different methods of communication individuals on the spectrum can engage in.


We will discuss interventions that can be incorporated into an individual’s day in order to support their understanding.


There will be discussion around the roles of those supporting people on the spectrum and the importance of consistency in delivery in order for the successful implementation of any plan of support.


We will be asking the question what is a positive outcome for someone on the spectrum and how can this be maintained?


Date of Training:   17 September, 2019 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Venue: ARC Scotland, Unit 11 Hardengreen Business Centre, Eskbank, Dalkeith EH22 3NX (there is free car parking available)

Cost: £95 per person  

(Tea and coffee will be available on arrival and a light buffet lunch will be provided).

To book a place email [email protected] or phone 0131 663 4444