Election of Chairperson of National Involvement Network

Only people who get support can be NIN Chairperson

Selection Details

At the NIN meeting on 25 January, everyone who wants to be Chairperson will be asked to give a presentation. The presentations should last no longer than 5 minutes. In their presentations people can explain:

  1. Why they want to be Chairperson of the NIN;
  2. Why they would be good at being Chairperson (For example what skills and experience they have).

Any NIN member who wishes to be Chairperson but cannot attend the meeting on the 25th January can submit a presentation in video or audio format.  This will be played at the meeting.

Chairperson Selection details Jan 2018

The Role of the Chairperson

Qualities of a Good Chairperson


Contact Paddy Carstairs if you have any queries: 0131 663 4444 or 07949 681269

Email:- [email protected]