Edinburgh Book Festival

NIN members have been working closely together with PAMIS and the Edinburgh Book Festival to encourage more people to come and take part in the Book Festival.  You can hear about sport, history, politics, comics, or the environment.  It’s all about people’s stories, pictures and music.  There are lots of free events too.

We’ve produced an accessible Guide to introduce people to the programme, and see the range of subjects it covers.  The Guide is in 2 parts to help you plan your visit – one has practical information about things like the lay-out and activities on offer, where to get food, or find the toilets.  The other has links to the webpages on different topics and speakers, and tells you how to book tickets.

The direct link to the Easy Read Introduction to the 2018 Book Festival Programme is here https://d3v4sx4i2y2qe1.cloudfront.net/cdnstatic/501be09eb8c1eb1449bb9b79c55d63545e1b800f/uploads/Accessibility/2018-edbookfest-easy-read-programme-guide-final-v3.5b47371877755.pdf

The direct link to the Easy Read Guide to Visiting the Festival is here    


They can also be found on the Access page, alongside other information you might find useful


Please print them out and share with the people you support, to encourage them to come and see what goes on at a Book Festival.  There are lots of book festivals right across Scotland, and they all have activities that anyone can join in.