The Edinburgh & Lothian Involvement Network gives people with support needs a chance to share ideas and experiences about being involved in decisions that affect their lives.

If you are interested in attending these online meetings please get in touch with Robin.

We talk about the  Charter for Involvement and putting it into practice. We are part of the National Involvement Network.

Meetings are usually held 6 times a year at the Norton Park Centre in Edinburgh, and we talk about different things we are involved in with our organisations and in the wider community.

Hello and Welcome









Hi I’m Robin.

We are helping the Edinburgh & Lothian Involvement Network to make sure they are listened to and respected.

Anyone with support needs from the Edinburgh or Lothian area can come along to the Involvement Network. For more information phone or email Robin 07508 504247 –  robin,[email protected]










Hi, I’m Charlotte one of the Co-Chairs for the Edinburgh & Lothian Involvement Network, I enjoy the integration and helping other people get involved in the network.








Hi, I’m Gregor one of the Co-Chairs for the Edinburgh & Lothian Involvement Network, I like leading the group and sharing my own experiences.



About Us

“We want to be involved in Speaking up Groups”


What we do

We raise awareness of the Charter for Involvement and promote inclusion of people who get additional support. We give each other mutual support and learn from each other. We also review local and national policies and make recommendations. Some of us get involved in campaigning and some of us have delivered training and given presentations on the Charter for Involvement. Sometimes organisations ask us for advice.


We want to take part in national and local campaigns”


How can I get involved

Anyone with additional support needs can join Edinburgh and Lothian Involvement Network. You can phone or email Robin for more information. You can ask whoever gives you support to contact Robin.

Meeting Dates

These meetings are held every 2 months, if you are interested in attending these meetings please get in touch with Robin.


Information from Meetings

Local Involvement Networks

ARC Scotland brings supported people together in their local areas to lead change in their services and communities in Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, Edinburgh and Lothian, and North East and South Ayrshires.

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