ARC Scotland facilitates two Self Advocates Group for people with Learning Difficulties in Aberdeenshire.

The original self advocates group, which covers North Aberdeenshire, used to be called Aberdeenshire Powerful Voices Together, but they have recently changed their name to ‘Aberdeenshire Involvement Network’ to be in line with the other local involvement networks.  There is also a new self advocate group covering South and Central Aberdeenshire.   They have called themselves ‘Aa’body Matters’.

People come together to meet every two months from across Aberdeenshire. They represent their views and the views of other groups and forums they belong to. The group has links with people in Aberdeenshire Council, Community Planning, and the NHS as well as with The Learning Disability Providers Forum.

Meeting Dates

Aberdeenshire Involvement Network meet every 2 months and Aa’body Matters meet every 3 months.


Information from Meetings

AIN minutes 26th June 2019

AIN Agenda 4th September 2019


All minutes are provided in easy read format.

Aberdeenshire Learning Disability Providers Forum

The forum provides the opportunity for organisations working with people with learning disabilities in Aberdeenshire

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Local Involvement Networks

ARC Scotland brings supported people together in their local areas to lead change in their services and communities in Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee and North East and South Ayrshires.

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