ELCAP sign up to the Charter for Involvement

ELCAP has adopted the Charter for Involvement, an agreement which sets out how people who use support services want to be involved in:

  • The services they get
  • The organisations that provide their services
  • Their wider communities

The Charter was developed by the National Involvement Network, a Scotland-wide group of people who receive social care support. ELCAP members voted unanimously to adopt the Charter at the charity’s Annual General Meeting on 11 October.

Alan Mackenzie, Chair of the National Involvement Network, said:

                “Signing up to the Charter is a great idea – it’ll spread it to more people.”

Encouraging people supported by ELCAP to get involved in the National Involvement Network, Alan said:

“You hear what’s going on for other people and organisations and everybody’s friendly. There’s a sense of belonging and you can get your voice across. People who were afraid to speak, you hear speaking, it’s brilliant.

What people get up to is mind-boggling! My eyes have just been wide open since I got the job as Chair, the stories are unbelievable.”

ELCAP Chief Executive, Paul White, said:

“I am delighted that the individuals we support wanted us to sign up to the Charter for Involvement.

The Charter has 12 important statements which tell us what people who use our services can expect from us. We hope that everyone we support will use the Charter to hold us to account and get the best from their involvement with ELCAP.

We also hope that people will get involved in the National Involvement Network. As well as hearing what’s happening in other parts of the country, the Network helps people to make connections and friends.”

Over 80 organisations across Scotland have adopted the Charter for Involvement.