About ARC Scotland

We are a charity that advances knowledge, practice and policy in health and social care for the benefit of people with learning disabilities or other support needs such as autism, mental health problems, sensory and physical disabilities.

Our Mission

People who need additional support live the lives they choose.

We Work Alongside

  • People who need additional support, and their families. This includes people with learning disabilities, autism,┬ámental health difficulties, sensory or physical disabilities.
  • People who plan or deliver support. This includes support workers, social workers, managers and policy-makers.

We Believe

  • People who need support must be at the heart of decisions made about their lives.
  • Support, training and information must be in place to make this happen.
  • Change happens when people share knowledge, ideas, experiences- and take action.

We are proud that so many people choose to work with us. Together we are achieving real change that is improving the lives of supported people in Scotland. Please contact us to get involved.

Meet the team