Coronavirus under a microscope


Easy read information on coronavirus and scams

Click here to download easy read information on - Coronavirus and scams

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Scottish Government Lockdown Update

People First Scotland have produced a new easy read guide to Phase 2 of the lockdown

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We will be free by Gemma Stevenson & Gillian

Gemma is a member of the National Involvement Network, which brings together people receiving support from across Scotland

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National Involvement Network messages

Some of the National Involvement Network (NIN) Planning Group got together, they have these messages for you

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We are health and social care training specialists. Our social enterprise provides SQA accredited awards and a range of specialist learning options.

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We are committed to involving supported people in everything we do, and are leading the way in helping others to do the same.

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Networks & Forums

We bring together hundreds of people from across Scotland to improve knowledge, practice and policy.

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